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DXN Cordyceps Capsules in Pakistan

DXN Cordyceps in Pakistan Thousand years of mother nature’s gift

Cordyceps sinensis, the Cordyceps species most widely used as a dietary supplement, naturally grows on the back of the larvae of a caterpillar from the mothHepialus armoricanus Oberthur found mainly in China, Nepal, and Tibet. The mycelium invades the caterpillar and eventually replaces the host tissue. The stroma (fungal fruit body) grows out of the top of the caterpillar. The remaining structures of the caterpillar along with the fungus are dried and sold as the dietary supplement cordyceps.ebaytelezoon.com


Cordyceps may benefit people suffered from memory deficits. The extract of Cordyceps ophioglossoides protected the Abeta-induced neuronal cell death and memory loss through free radical scavenging activity.

Cholesterol Profiles

Cordyceps may benefit people with cholesterol-lowering effects. In a study, researchers fed mice with cholesterol-
enriched diet. They found that the serum total cholesterol (TC) of all mice groups administered Cordyceps sinensis
extracts with the cholesterol-enriched diet decreased more than in the control group.

Heart and Circulation Issues

Cordyceps may offer benefits of cardiovascular protection. Extracts of the fruiting bodies of cultured Cordyceps sinensis has been shown to exert beneficial effects on the formation of the atherosclerotic lesion induced by oxidative stress with few side effects in a study of mice. In the study, researchers fed mice with an atherogenic diet and treated with the extracts for 12 weeks. Mice fed the atherogenic diet showed marked increases in serum lipid and lipid peroxide levels and also aortic cholesterol levels, particularly cholesteryl ester level, a major lipid constituent in atherosclerotic lesions. According to the authors, the extracts significantly suppressed the increased serum lipid peroxide level but not other lipid levels in a dose-dependent manner. WECS also suppressed the increased aortic cholesteryl ester level in a dose-dependent manner.

Researchers isolated a macromolecule from Cordyceps

sinensis and they found this molecule has blood pressure lowering and vaso-relaxing effects. The researchers explained that the vasorelaxation was mediated by the endothelium possibly by stimulating the release of the nitric oxide and endothelium-derived hyperpolarizing factor.


Cordyceps may also have beneficial effects on kidneys, but, more studies are needed to understand the mechanism. CLINICAL STUDIES ARE NEEDED TO SUPPORT THESE CORDYCEPS BENEFITS.

DISCLAIMER: These uses have been tested in humans or animals. Safety and effectiveness have not always been proven. Some of these conditions are potentially serious and should be evaluated by a qualified healthcare provider.

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